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What to pack for a ski season – life hacks

Going on your first winter season? Not sure what to take with you? Let’s take a look at things you may want to pack with you, that you have probably not thought about.

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Multi-plug extension lead

This is one is really a must when packing for a season. This lesson is usually learned the very hard way. I learned this in my first season, having to keep moving your adapters about. If you only have adapters you will also find very soon that you may not have a charging point near your bed. This can be really frustrating when you want to watch something in bed and your battery is down. Lastly you only need one/two adapters and you can plug in most of your electronics.

Or you could even get one on amazon that does not need an adapter, but accommodates for your UK electronics. Check it out 👇🏻


Rucksack<img alt=”Rucksack” data-id=”1355″ width=”1887″ height=”2560″ title=”jakob-owens-O_bhy3TnSYU-unsplash” src=”//” scale=”0″ style=”” ml-d=”0″ mt-d=”-51″ center-v-d=”false”>

This one comes really handy when you want to take some beers with you for skiing. Also great if you want to ski with a speaker, this can be put in the rucksack. 🎒 It could also help when you want to go shop on the skis, or even packed lunch/ snacks as eating on the mountain is expensive. Take it with you as a hand luggage or pack it into your suitcase, you will need it.

Laptop and external hard drive

Try to download and fill it with every film and TV series you can, as Wifi and mobile internet can be quite terrible in tourist areas. Not only will you be kept entertained – you’ll be the most popular person in resort. Some days the Wifi may not be fast enough to play Netflix or YouTube and you may be hungover in bed wanting to watch movies.

Bluetooth speaker

JBL - Portable Speaker<img alt=”JBL – Portable Speaker” data-id=”1353″ width=”1707″ height=”2560″ title=”alex-bracken-AKrZkFJ5HOM-unsplash” src=”//” scale=”0″ style=”” mt-d=”-193″ center-v-d=”false”>

This is probably the best investment you can make for a season. It will be a great tool for fun, better atmosphere, socialising, skiing and even when watching movies. Sometimes watching a movie in a bigger group may require a speaker to hear to movie, as usually the iPad and Laptop speakers are not that great. You will also be more popular if you have a speaker. 

Better go for a waterproof one, as it could get damaged on drinking nights.


Yes, I know. Paracetamol or some other forms of pain relief and cold relief is a very good idea because the medicines in resorts are expensive. 

You will need it. There is usually a lot of parties to attend when on a season so great for a hungover headache if you don’t want to spend loads of money on it. A small pack of paracetamol when I did seasons would be like 5 – 6 euros. Whereas back at home in the UK it is like 30-50 pence? And usually bigger packs as well, does not weight anything and does not take much space but can save you money. 

Revolut or Monzo card

Out of all currency cards they are the best. This is due to their flexibility, with money transfers, low minimum top-ups and the ability to use those cards back at home without being charged for it. There is other currency cards, but most other providers have high minimum top ups and they’re only free to use abroad. So if you have some money left from your travels, back at home you would be charged to use them. 

So go for Revolut or Monzo, tested and proven to be the best.

Shorts and Flip-Flops

flip-flops<img alt=”flip-flops” data-id=”1358″ width=”2560″ height=”1707″ title=”tim-foster-cYqxZS-moEc-unsplash” src=”//” scale=”0″>

Believe it or not, it can get warm in the Mountains, especially in the spring. You definitely should pack at least a pair of shorts and flip-flops. You will also enjoy shorts and flip flops when you’re just want to chill at home and have a lazy day.

If you are planning to take some killing shots, for lasting memories, please also check out my review of The Top 5 Travel Cameras.

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You may also find it useful to visit for the complete list of everything you may need or think about. The list I created is about things I found really useful, and things many people do not usually think about when they haven’t been on a season before.

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