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Top 3 relaxing apple arcade games for air travel

Are you a last-minute person, boarding a plane shortly and have no ideas for relaxing games that you could play on an airplane? Maybe you are a nervous flyer and want to find a relaxing game to take your mind off the flying experience. This article will review the selection of my top relaxation games for air travel. So it will be focused on games that you can play offline, in the airplane mode.

Therefore, I have picked some great air travel games that you can find on Apple Arcade platform. These games require no online access, are ad-free and are high quality. To clarify, Apple Arcade is Apple’s £4.99 ($4.99 & AU$7.99) gaming subscription service with a catalogue of over 100 games. The games are available to play on iPhone, iPad and MacBook, so great for air travel gaming. Also if you are new to Apple Arcade you get 1-month free trial, so even better if you have not used this before.

Air travel gaming: Let’s get started.

So from the pool of over 100 games, there are few games particularly smoothing. In this post you will find games with soundtracks, aesthetics and tactile nature that can help you unwind. From my experience immersing yourself in a good story or puzzle game can be the perfect distraction from the long air travel. As a result, you will find games of this kind in this post.

Photo by Ben Neale on Unsplash

Photo by Ben Neale on Unsplash

Mini Motorways

One of the games I found difficult to stop playing, especially to unwind before going to bed is Mini Motorways. An addictive puzzle/strategy game with unwinding mesmerising soundtrack. You will find that each game takes around 20 minutes and it is easy to play two or three games in a row. 

The game is about building road connections between buildings. The trick is to colour match the cars and buildings. You need to make sure that enough cars of one colour, can get in time to the buildings of the same colour. The game is slow pace allowing you time to think about your moves. You will start simple with one colour buildings and cars, and as the game progresses you will get more colours to master.  Your job is to draw roads that connect and facilitate all the traffic. 

Take a look at this, to get a feeling of it:

Mini Motorways is a great game for air travel, especially after the check-in and take-off process. This is because Mini Motorways can put you in a very calm state of mind. As a result, you can unwind your mind and hopefully even fall asleep. 

LEGO Builder’s Journey

Likewise, another very interesting and relaxing game which helps me to relax and even make me laugh is the LEGO Builder’s Journey.  This is because it is a poetic puzzle style game focused on connections, just like Mini Motorways. 

LEGO Builder’s Journey will help you find new more meditative approach on the LEGO universe, with calming music to set a peaceful mood. The puzzles in each diorama mostly involve creating a pathway for your hero, using the available LEGO blocks. Even when you build the simplest structure, there is something satisfying about the animations and putting it all together. 

Check it out:

To sum it up, playing LEGO Builder’s journey is pleasantly stimulating your brain and can calm you down. Apple’s description of the game guides us to “take the time to experiment, and most importantly, to play as figuring out who we are and what we become is the Builder’s Journey.” So great game to kill some time during air travel, as time is usually what we have plenty off in the air. 

Beyond Blue

On the other hand, to get away from building puzzles, you could dive into a game with a story to follow like Beyond BlueThis game is categorised as an adventure game on the Apple’s Arcade store, but the setting in which the game takes place is very relaxing and fascinating. Beyond Blue puts you in the shoes of a deep-sea diver from the future exploring the mysteries of the ocean. You become a scientist trying to explore the untouched parts of the underwater world. So this means, you will be taking an adventurous journey and you will be making high stake challenging decisions. 

Beyond Blue is based on realistic predictions for the future of deep-sea diving. The technologies you will use within the game are technologies that are currently being developed and tested. So you can get a feeling of the future and relax on your air travel journey. 

Check out the game in the video below:

In conclusion, Beyond Blue is a slightly different game to the puzzle strategy games mentioned before. Beyond Blue should give you some nice variety for relaxation. For instance, a mixture of those games, maybe combined with your favourite Netflix series episode and the journey is done and over with!

However, if you are travelling far, hopefully, this would just set your mood for sleeping. So that when you wake up, you are in your dream holiday destination relaxed and ready to take action.

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Get ready for your flight 

In short, these games would make your trip a little more enjoyable. Let me know if you tried any of these games before, what is your experience in playing these and what else would you add for air travel relaxation gaming. Hope this helps you to make up your mind, for which games you should have storage left on your device when going on an airplane. 

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