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How Seasonal Work Will Change Your Life – ‘The unintentional friend for life’

Season Not Just For The Booze

The purpose of this story is to show how amazing life can become when you meet people during seasonal work overseas. It is to show that there is more to working overseas than just booze and free accommodation. 

It is also to show how being patient and not giving up at the start can pay off. How the dynamics of a whole group can change because of one person. 

The season is what you make of it, and your perspective is above anything else.You go for experiences and meeting friends for a lifetime.

A Rocky Hill in France

There were two friends named Adam and Tom. One single day, while working for Eurocamp they met on a rocky hill in France.

Tom have only just arrived and unpacked his car. Tom was greeted by a bunch of shouting girls fighting over a little bird they found. They weren’t playboy bunny kind of girls. More like council estate type of girls. Friendly, but chaotic, loud and not something he left the UK for.

Tom wanted to get his stuff and head off to Dunkirk for the ferry back home. In this female dominated picture, there was uncertainty and fear. Emotional reactions above anything else, creating chaos and confusion.

Back Story

Tom arrived on this campsite as a result of a transfer from another Eurocamp campsite. 

The reason why Tom wanted to move was because of a similar landscape of people working there. Tom worked with girls that weren’t easy to get along with.

Pretty desperate moment, to find that the new place is just alike. However, bigger and with more women of that kind. It was pretty clear that Tom had a different imagination of this upcoming summer.

Positive Thinking And The Arrival of Adam

Tom however was trying to keep positive. After all, this new campsite had some live to it. There was a nice lake, a lot of staff from different companies and a lot more tourists who could potentially be good companions to a good summer.

In comparison, the previous site was an absolute shit hole. There was no entertainment, no lake, no sea, no mountains, no nearby towns to go to and a very annoying campsite owner. The only entertainment in this place was the wifi and the bar. A bar that closed at 9pm. 

Additionally, the only tourists that would stay there, were way over 50 or people who needed one night sleep to drive further down south of France or on the way to Italy.

The New Dynamics To The Team

However, within a space of few hours the dynamics completely changed. While the girls were still deciding on what to do with the poor bird, all of a sudden a guy popped up out of nowhere.

A guy who jumped into my tent, wearing pink leggings. 

A guy who’s full intent was to tease the hell out of those girls and make their life just this little bit more interesting than arguing about the bird.

You’re right, this guy was Adam Edwards. 

In this moment I smiled, and as the girls ran out after Adam to retrieve their pink leggings, I knew I was going to have a very good time working with Adam.

Relief and Someone To Plan Crimes With

When I got to know Adam more, I realised he was just like me. He had the same feelings about the people we worked with, our boss, the campsite and the job itself. 

However Adam reminded me of what seasonal job is about. I started the journey in France as a team leader. Very quickly I became responsible and overwhelmed with the reality of how bad things were.

Adam reminded me of one great lesson I once learned from my college tutor. The season is what you make out of it.

Very quickly my thinking pattern turned around, to the good old Tom. 

Adam was constantly looking for stupid things to do while working. He was sneaking in through windows, hiding under beds and grabbing your leg from under the bed while you were cleaning. 

He was stealing the girl’s cleaning buckets, rubbish bags a remorks. 

He would come over while I was in reception and randomly throw his flip flops on the roof. Trying then to take them down for over half an hour. He would create stupid reasons, to stay around the reception so he could mess about with me.

From Hell To Heaven

From that point onwards, we were partners in crime. We were pranking in and out of work.  We would start egg, toilet brush, food, drink and towel fights at any given most inappropriate moment.

Adam was the answer to everything that was wrong with the place. Hanging out with this cool guy from Essex, allowed me to reflect on the disaster situation this place seemed to be. Every annoying situation caused by the tense emotional drama between the girls, gave us more and more reasons to laugh.

Funnily enough, it seems like the situation could not be more perfect after a few weeks. It was like living a real time comedy. If it wasn’t for Adam I would have probably be gone within the first week. We just could not cope with some of the people working with us. On the flip side, it seemed like Adam needed me just as much.

Later on in the season he shared that bantering on his own was boring and he was thinking of going home.

The Life After The Season

When you meet people, who change the everyday cycle around, you cannot just let them go. The sad part of each summer or winter season is that you need to let go and separate.

It is probably the only curse of living this dream seasonal life. Any love stories, good friendships and worry free living comes to an end.

There is a new chapter for everyone, some go back home to study or work and others go and do another season somewhere else.

However, some people who truly changed the meaning of the perspective you have on life stay. Every season there is one or two people who you will always be in touch with and make plans with.

This goes for Adam. Since the summer ended we have travelled together loads of times and still plan to do more travels.

We have been to Paris, Lake Annecy, Lloret de Mar, San Vincenzo, Elba and this is not the end. There is still more trips to come. 

Since the summer, we have been involved in a lot of adventure tourism. We have been on 4×4 safari trips up very steep mountains. We have been renting boats, diving and snorkelling. We have been jumping off highs rocks and cliffs into lakes and seas. We have been renting quad bikes and getting lost in Spanish rural areas. 


So, if you have not yet worked a season or you are doing it but not enjoying where you are. Take this as an example of how your life could change. 

Sometimes one person can make a lot of difference to your life. It can open endless opportunities and allow you to do so much more.

If I have decided to go home from the first campsite I was on when I went to France, then potentially I would have missed all those experiences and I would miss out on a good loyal friend. Sometimes waiting and being positive through a period of a bad few weeks, can be worth it.

This was not the first time I have experienced that one person can change the dynamics of a whole team and a large group of people. However I think this is probable the best example, of how bad place can become amazing if you have the right companion.

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So go and experience the seasonal life.

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