Destination Unknown Travel Update For 2020
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Seasonaire Travel Update – What You Should Know

Hi Folks, hope you are all safe and okay. Today is just a quick and hopeful update from the seasonaire travel industry for 2020. As you may already know, lockdown restrictions started to ease off a little bit and you can start to do some travelling. Today you will find out about the updates from behind the scenes, what probably mainstream media does not talk about.

So this post is a little elaboration on the video from Destination Unknown channel. In short, we are getting ready to travel. So more and more hope for you too. This time it is hope based on factual information, not just speculation. 

What I want to say by that is that we were given the scary scenario of no hospitality and travel until December 2020. However, the travel industry is starting up again, and we are only in June so it’s looking good. 

Time To Become An Adventure Traveller

If you are interested about working in the travel industry you can take a look at my previous post. This post is about how to live an adventurous lifestyle through jobs in tourism. Go ahead and click now to find out how seasonaire lifestyle can transform your life

So what do we know from behind the scenes? You are about to find out, so keep reading..

Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

Seasonaire Behind The Scenes Update

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been in contact with travel companies that I used to work for and ones I planned to work for. So the good news for us is that tourism resorts are getting ready. I found that the biggest resorts like Lake Garda or Park Albatros in Italy will open beginning of July. 

As for the smaller sites, some will remain closed and others will open but with different staff arrangements.

In other words, a traditional way for most of tour operators would be to hire seasonaires. You would expect to see a representative from your own country in your holiday resort. However due to the pandemic, for some sites we will now see more locals working in those resorts.

This actually isn’t bad news if you consider the ethics in tourism industry. You can read more about ethical issues in tourism industry on my first ever blog post, click here for more info.

However this news might not be as good, for people who love to travel the world and live in those places for a little longer. Through work overseas arrangements. This is because these jobs will now become more limited, and there will be less jobs available for travellers. 

Seasonaires Already In Italy And Job Offers Coming Back!

The best news so far for me, was to find that my seasonaire friends have started to travel again. I have seen a lot of my friends going to Italy in the last couple of weeks. Mainly seasonaires from the UK and Netherlands. All to start up the holiday resorts for international guests.

With this coming to live, I was anticipating a phone call more and more. I got really excited to see this coming back to us. So I was really confident that I will be going out there too.

Wednesday 17th June, somewhere on the M1 in the UK. I was travelling to see the beautiful Old Harry Rocks. My phone is ringing, and the number showing on my dashboard is a Dutch number. I got excited so much, I completely forgot about my current domestic travels.

I answered and a happy Dutch voice greeted me in English, with amazing news to start a job in Italy on 1st July. Unfortunately I turned it down, to find out why watch and follow Destination Unknown below πŸ‘‡πŸ»

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