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Is this the best time ever to book a holiday? Cancun, Mexico Offering Free Hotel Nights

Hi folks, just wanted to touch again on re-building travel post Covid19. I feel like this post pandemic world will open a lot of opportunities for us to experience the world. Yes, that is right! You heard it, free hotel nights in Cancun Mexico. That is free hotel nights in the Caribbean!

I have just seen articles on Travel Pulse and The Daily Mirror going over this information. This is probably the first example of governments and companies, investing into rebuilding the trust in travelling again. This is done by potentially allowing to make losses in the first initial stages after re-opening. So it seems like a move to build trust through word of mouth and social media. This is done by free Cancun hotel nights? Sounds great to me. 

What does this mean for us? Well if you are one of those travellers, who do not like to live in fear then this is a great opportunity to travel cheaper than ever. What’s more, this  is about one of the top exotic long-haul destinations like Cancun Mexico! 

How does free hotel nights work?

The discounts and promotions associated with this move came from a new private initiative. The camping is called #Come2MexicanCaribbean (or #VenAlCaribeMexicanoX2 in Spanish). 

Vicente Madrigal, Atelier de Hoteles’ commercial director, explained that the number 2 in the slogan is what reveals how the promotions will work. Meaning in simple terms, that participating hotels will offer an additional of two free nights to guests who paid for two nights or more. Additionally two kids can stay for free with two paying adults. You will also find car rental companies to be giving additional two free days of hire if customers pay for at least two days of car rental. 

Nonetheless, it has been reported that local attraction sites, i.e. golf, theme park entries and spa services will also offer discounts.

When are free hotel nights happening?

The Mexican Caribbean state of Quintana Roo is getting ready to reopen to tourism as of June 8. This was announced by Governor Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez this past week. That is to take place in the popular tourism region of Cancun and the Riviera Maya

However on that note, according to The Daily Mirror , the camping will officially launch on June 15.

As a result Roberto Cintrón Gómez (President of the Hotel Association of Cancun), announced that employees are being trained in the ways of the “new normal”. For example, this will be achieved with ‘Clean & Safe Check Certification’ instituted by Quintana Roo. Most importantly, to demonstrate the highest level of hygiene standards to visitors. 

Who is taking part in the free Cancun hotel nights?

Over 200 firms have signed on to take part in the campaign according to The Daily Mirror . As a result of this, hotel association boss Mr Cintron believes the hotels will be at least half full by July and August. 

As explained by CEO, Oliver Reinhart, this campaign is a reaction to covid19 to keep the destination live in people’s minds. It is not a two for one destination and this promotion is not going to last forever. Cancun is an exotic destination worth it’s price, so this is probably the once in a lifetime opportunity to go there on a discounted price.

Take advantage if you’re brave enough

This campaign is a highlight and real life example of how destinations and companies usually recover from a crisis. The crisis recovery is usually focused on hosting people who  have a clout in the source markets. 

Usually offering incentives for customers to return to the destination is what companies do. This is to re-establish positive image, by showing an improved infrastructure to deal with the issue and get rid of false and negative perceptions. 

You need to remember that the reason for those campaigns is to establish the safety image again. So to do this, these companies and the government will do everything in their power to make sure you are safe. They definitely don’t want this to backfire on them, so this might actually be the safest time to travel. 

In a normal day to day operations, the hygiene standards won’t be as high as they are now. It’s similar situation where a destination experiences a terrorist attack. Going to a destination affected by terrorism straight after it happened is probably the most checked and secured places you can visit. As no one wants this to happen again.

More on crisis and recovery management in tourism on: Tourism Risk, Crisis and Recovery Management Guide (CATO: Council of Australian Tour Operators).

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