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The 3 Ways How To Get A Job In The Millionaire’s Village

The Inaccessible For Many

In this post you will find how to get a winter job in Courchevel, France. A place known for attracting millionaires, with glamours Louis Vuitton shops, Rolls Royce taxis and private jets. Courchevel 1850, is considered exclusive, attracting wealthy clientele including royal families.

Courchevel is visited every year by well known celebrities. The celebrities already spotted in Courchevel include: 

  • David & Victoria Beckham
  • Elton John
  • Robbie Williams
  • Michael Schumacher 
  • Roman Abramovitch 
  • Gordon Ramsey

I and my roommate have personally spotted David Guetta and Holly Willoughby when I worked in Courchevel. The people I worked with also manage to spot John Terry and Gordon Ramsey. So if you want to get a chance at meeting your favourite celebrity, working in Courchevel is definitely the place to go.

I will show you where to look to get a job, and what companies you can choose from if you’re mainly English speaking person. If you speak French there is more places where you could look, and more opportunities for employment. This is mainly for people who reside in the UK and have UK national insurance number. Although some websites still accept application from different countries, due to Brexit and everyone slowly switching to French contracts.

The first place where I would look to get a good overview of the current vacancies advertised for Courchevel is The reason for this is that this website allows you to filter the resorts, so you can choose to see what is available in the resort of your choice. In this case Courchevel.

What is good about this website is that the amount of employers advertised on here is endless. You can choose from so many companies and roles on here, I am sure you will find a job that suits you.

When you scroll down, in the right corner of the page you will find the current positions and companies that are recruiting at the moment in Courchevel. That is only when you click my link, in the Courchevel section. 

If Courchevel is not the only place you are interested in, there is also other resorts advertised on this website. To be able to ski or visit Courchevel, you can also seek employment in Meribel and Val Thorens. They are part of the three valleys, so you could ski over to Courchevel. is very similar to This website gives you a detailed overview of Courchevel, somewhat more detailed than the review on season workers. offer wide range of different tour operators to choose from, the same goes for jobs. On you can find jobs such as; Ski Physio, Massage and Beauty Therapists, Pub Work, Kitchen Staff (even washing pots) and Nanny. Of course this is not the end, there is jobs for drivers and reps too. 

On you just scroll down in the Courchevel section and the jobs are there, similarly to

You can also search for work in other resorts on, like you could with

The third place that I would check out is this website. The reason for this is that this website, while it focuses on Courchevel, there seems to be less companies to chose from when applying for a job. It only has a few companies, depending on the type of work you are looking for.

On this website you will find less job types, narrowed down to chalet hosts, childcare and pub work. When you click on one of those categories it will take you to a new website of the company they are working with at that moment.


There it is, your simple guide to find employment in Courchevel and get to see some of this glamorous life. There is opportunities for everyone, with pretty much any skill set. As long as you can demonstrate how your current skill set matches the the job you are interested in, and why you will stay in Courchevel for the whole season then you will land your dream job.

It is always great to have a few applications going to increase your chances of landing your dream winter season. I always apply to 3 – 4 companies for similar roles, and when I pass interviews I go for the best option.

I would consider the working hours, pay, travel expenses and type of accommodation. I would always as well check the reviews of the company from previous people working there. Just to make sure you do get the most out of the season.

This is because while some companies make you work your ass off for little money, other companies provide better wages and working conditions. It really sucks when you get to a resort and find there is people working all the hours in the world, get paid less than you and have not much spare time for fun.

So apply and do your research, choose wisely. 😌

Hope you enjoyed this article, if you did please share it 😌✌️👇🏻

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