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Here at tomstravelsite we believe in transformative experiences. We want to empower and inspire any individual to take action and live an adventurous lifestyle. A life with no regrets, but meaningful experiences.

About the Author: Thomas TK is a solo traveller and a tourism management graduate. Someone who in the recent years worked, lived and travelled across the old continent in search of adventurous lifestyle. The stories and experiences found through this adventure have meaningful and transformative powers.  

The blog started as a part of a university project. Many of you benefited from the work shared on this blog so we decided to take it further. 

The content on this page is for someone who wants to live an adventurous lifestyle.  The content is about various adventurous lifestyle ideas and travel ideas that you won't find in your local travel magazine.

We will tell you how you can experience places that are reserved for millionaires, with little or no money.

You will also find some academic tourism research, into the increasing trends in the travel and tourism industry.

We hope to inspire you to experience at least a fraction of the amazing opportunities life has to offer.  

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